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Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) was started in 2015 with an idea for a helmet which will help save lives and enhance a rider’s experience. Currently motorcycle riders have a 210° blind spot around them, however; ICH has solved this problem by integrating currently available technologies into a motorcycle helmet that alerts and allows the rider to see danger before it’s too late. Further, our Patent Pending design enables the rider to leverage existing mobile technology and take advantage of everything their smartphone has to offer.


Ambrose Dodson

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CEO and Co-Founder Ambrose D. has 11 total years…

Anthony Dodson

CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER COO and Co-Founder Anthony D. is a former, Airborne,…

Joshua Byrd

PROGRAM MANAGER PM Joshua B. has over 15 years of project management…

Robert Irvine

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER CFO and Co-Founder Robert I. is a former Air…

Rhea Byrd

ASST. PROGRAM MANAGER aPM Rhea B. has over 3 years of experience…

Deborah J-H.

PRODUCT SUPPORT MANAGER PSM Deborah J-H. is a highly accomplished veteran logistician…

Yolanda Dodson

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT EA Yolanda D. is a highly accomplished Executive Assistant of…

iC-R Development Process

Since our inception from just an idea, to design, & now into the peak of development; there have been many product design changes to enhance the iC-R, and challenges along the road. At the end of the day, it's all worth it for the ICH Team; to see our product that has been designed to save lives finally get into the hands of riders everywhere will be the greatest reward.

First Just An Idea

Then We Designed It

Now We’re Building It

Project Update – Blind Spot Elimination

ICH Design Release & Pre-order Re-Opening


In-House Project Investment
1st Pilot Pre-order Funds Raised


“When is it coming for sale? ever sense the skully helmet went downhill you guys have been the leading factor in smart helmets that I’ve found, but I personally think that you guys had more tech and goodies in the helmet in the first place. I’d really like to get one! I think every helmet should come standard with this tech keep up the good work guys” (via Facebook)

Arron Dove

“I’m still glad I backed when you guys offered the discount for military. Skully isn’t comparable; vets don’t create businesses then ruin them from the inside, that just doesn’t happen.” (via Facebook)

Chris Hubbard

“So glad to see the update. Was worried you all were working so hard you forgot about us. Your product will be the top of it’s line in safety and technology. There is no harm in waiting for a product that is going to be released ultimately completed.” (via Facebook)

Steven Robert J Peterson

ICH Partners List – to be realeased soon

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