Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) was started in 2015 with an idea for a helmet which will help save lives and enhance a rider’s experience. Currently motorcycle riders have a 210° blind spot around them, however; ICH has solved this problem by integrating currently available technologies into a motorcycle helmet that alerts and allows the rider to see danger before it’s too late. Further, our custom HW/SW & design enables the rider to leverage existing mobile technology and take advantage of everything their smartphone has to offer.

To be successful, ICH brought together a select handful of experienced US Department of Defense (DoD) Veterans, Development Engineers, and energetic, young talent. The core team has over 50 years of experience in development and acquisition programs, and is dedicated to bringing its exciting new product to market.

ICH is positioned to become a major competitor in the motorcycle/scooter rider safety industry. Enormous helmet markets exist both in the United States and abroad; however, no product currently available or in development combines technological advancements as the ICH patent-pending helmet.