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Countdown To The Future Of Riding

Hi Backers/Riders/Fans!

The countdown is on with only 10 days left in our campaign! We’re now at over 123% funded; which is awesome and greatly appreciated—let’s keep it going! With our promise to keep everyone informed (even though our campaign is still LIVE) as well as taking those necessary steps to improve the overall timeline to production and delivery into your hands, here are a few quick updates:


We’re currently ~2 weeks away from our helmet design being 100% Design for Manufacturing (DFM) ready; which means we’ll be just about ready to push for certifications when our campaign concludes. In addition, we’ve made a few design enhancements & improvements; such as:

  • Integrating a visor locking system to ensure a proper seal is kept while you ride
  • Removing the dual proximity sensors and going with a single 180 degree Time of Flight (TOF) sensor (below in green) that serves the same purpose. This further lightens the already light load of hardware within your helmets. 
  • Integrating a Rear Air Control button to control the airflow in the rear of the helmet. When open it allows the air to escape out the back of the helmet, and when closed it forces the air down the back side of your head for more cooling.


Samples of some available Inner Soft Cushion Liner Materials and Helmet Visors shipped yesterday, and we’re due to receive those early next week. These will be reviewed thoroughly, and initial options will be chosen for our certification and beta production; where we’ll look to you for your solid feedback in order to further shape YOUR helmet.


As an extension of the last software update, you remember what our initial basic app UI looked like…here are design updates implemented (not final):

Lastly as a reminder to those following our campaign, our helmet model pricing will increase significantly ONLY AFTER the current campaign ends; for example: our iC-Rs+ will go from the current price of $1350 to $1800. So now is the best time to pre-order.

More to come so GET READY!

-Team ICH

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