The iC-R Re-imagined

The iC-R Original 3D Print

The iC-R Evolved

The iC-R has evolved!  What you’re looking at is an 85% DFM model of our new design; approximately 1.5 months away from 100%.  Design highlights:

  • Proximity sensors new location directly behind the one-piece attachment
  • Helmet visor with Pinlock system

In this image we highlight our Heads-up Display (HUD); thanks to the relationship built with our friends at HUDWAY, and their genius application of the DigiLens display

Ensuring that the iC-R is aerodynamically sound.  We’ve designed our helmet to be just that.  Here we also highlight:

  • The entire one-piece attachment which is removable; allowing the heart of the system to be serviced
  • Our dual rear-view camera system perfectly placed to create a seamless single stitched FOV

Here we highlight a highly requested feature, as well as a bonus:

  • Our front action camera, capable of 4K@60FPS; matching performance of other action camera’s currently on the market, but in a completely integrated aerodynamically sound package
  • Ample ventilation on the outside and inside of our helmets
  • A physical voice command fail safe button on the left side of the helmet—software get’s buggy, and in the event voice command wants to act funny; press and hold and you’re back in the game

Yes, we thought about critical things other than just integrating technology; like how we’ve included a snug fitting neck-roll…further reducing the wind noise within your helmet.

No, this is exactly what you think it is. A very bright rear LED system that will allow riders to be seen even better after sunset, and further adding to our safety first product.