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Hardware Update 1.0 – The Camera Modules

Hi Fans,

This is the first edition of our hardware update series for our iC-R development.  First up is the heart of our safety in the iC-R; our dual-camera system.  We’ve researched and tested a number of different camera modules.  Everything from:

  • Size
  • Performance
  • Resolution
  • Overall capabilities

Our most recent camera modules are 13MP; with each camera module having the ability to support up to 4K resolution, but for our application our plan is to provide 2K resolution in each lens.  Reasons being:

  1. Performance
  2. Less of a draw on the processor
  3. There’s really no need to have a higher resolution output from the rear cameras…

We’re saving THAT for the Front Action Camera!

We still have some testing to go so that we can get that perfect configuration, but stay tuned for development video updates to check out the current performance of the cameras and give us your input!  Thanks and see you soon for our next hardware update—2.0!