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iC-R Kickstarter Re-Launch – The Final Campaign

Hi Fans!

First as always, we would like to begin by stating that we hope everyone in receipt of this message (an friends and families) are safe, healthy, and COVID free. If not, our prayers are with you.

By request and due to the support of those who have completed both steps to our relaunch pre-order signup process, we will be relaunching our Kickstarter campaign this Thursday April 22nd at 10AM EST. Here are a few important details everyone wishing to pre-order to help get us to production and a product in your hands should know/pay attention to:

  1. We will begin the relaunch with our BOGO deal; which will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR 72 HOURS FROM THE START OF THE RELAUNCH. ONCE THIS DEAL ENDS, WE CAN’T OFFER IT AGAIN. This is so we can drive pre-order support to help us reach our goal early, and push to exceed our funding goal by the end of the campaign.
  2. Regular pricing will be active once the BOGO deal ends.


***REMEMBER: your card will only be charged when our project reaches its funding deadline. If our project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged so there is no risk in backing our project.***We have continued to make strides in our development, and to that point here are a few additional updates:

  1. We’ve solidified our HUD provider, which have provided the following improvements:
    1. FOV – increasing from 24 degree FOV to 40 degree FOV; which provides riders with a larger image
    2. The direct HW integration option gives us great possibilities & cuts our time to market.

Initial HUD test showing functionality using an ICH sample seamless stitched rear camera footage

  1. Our helmet is now 90% DFM ready and will reach 100% in the next ~30 days
  2. Additional supporting hardware components are 98% solidified, and will reach 100% in the next ~30 days
  3. Manufacturing is identified and ready to support
  4. Production and Assembly are identified and ready to support
  5. We’re in communication with strong potential distribution partners, but either way we are initially setup to be direct to consumer

We look to you, our fans to put your support and trust behind ICH; a company and team that has remained dedicated and persevered to hold up our promise to deliver.  Support us and we will always be here for you.

-Team ICH

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