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iC-R Post Campaign: Update 1

Hi Backers!

We hope everyone is safe and well. Again, we THANK YOU as this next critical chapter wouldn’t be possible without you allBefore we get to the updates, we wanted to set the stage with regards to this first post campaign update. Unfortunately Kickstarters funding process took time, and funding didn’t reach the company until June 21st; so the team has only had a few weeks worth of our big push. So this initial update (while small) still has some significant information. With that let’s get to it:

[General & What To Expect Next]

  • Our new partnership with Viaanix is going very well, and they’ve jumped right in and we are under way with our big HW/SW push as planned and we’re still on target with our roadmap & campaign timeline. The one caveat is that dates and milestones shifted 1 month ahead based on: (1) Kickstarter not approving our campaign time reduction from 45 days to 30 days; (2) the date in which funds actually hit the ICH account in order to execute with our team, manufacturers, etc.
  • Everyone should’ve received their post campaign survey in your inboxes to provide our team with your helmet size, color, shipping address, and more. If you haven’t yet filled this out, please visit the following link to complete it: As a point of clarification, this survey is only for v1.0 of your iC-R model. Your free v2.0 will come with its own survey as we get closer to shipping those out at a future release date.
  • Pledge Collection – There were a handful of pledges that weren’t collected (none of which put us below our threshold to execute, so no worries) due to payment processing issues with those individuals. If you’re one of the select few and would still like to pre-order, reach out to our team and we will work with you.
  • Our pre-order extension via Indiegogo is still LIVE for those that missed out on our Kickstarter launch. As a reminder, the price increase we’ve mentioned in previous posts is now applicable. To stay true to our backers who helped us reach our goal, the Kickstarter offers ARE NOT AVAILABLE on Indiegogo. Please also note that Kickstarter backer shipments ARE NOT reliant on additional orders via Indiegogo. Kickstarter helmets will proceed as planned.

Current Project Updates


We’re now at 98% DFM status and are due to reach 100% by the end of the month. Some things we were looking to add but decided as a team to postpone until v2.0, which is solely based on not holding up design completion so that we can get to certifications, beta testing, and production; are:

  • Visor lock
  • We’ve explored changing the proximity alerts from HW to be more SW reliant, but at the moment we’ve agreed internally to stick with the physical HW/ToF sensors to provide this safety feature. We will look to make further adjustments/improvements in the lead up to v2.0.


We’ve finalized the top 3 cushion and fabric selections for initial beta helmet testing; where we’ll look to you for your solid feedback in order to further shape YOUR helmet. Our next big update on manufacturing/production is slated for the 2nd week of August or sooner.


As mentioned in our last update, we’re pushing refinement and an overall software cohesive development as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have a really strong and experienced team handling this effort.

As promised, we’ve improved upon our hands-free features, to include voice control of:

  • Rear Awareness LEDs (previously controlled physically in our mobile app)
  • Volume Control – this is a new feature/enhancement that one none of our other competitors have. No longer will you have to use your hands to control the volume while riding. Check out our voice control updates below!

Thanks again for all your continued support. We will have a lot more updates coming over the next 30-60 days, so stay tuned!. Please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you.

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-Team ICH

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