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iC-R Post Campaign: Update 2

Hi Backers!

As always, we wish everyone safety and good health! We want to reiterate some important things we mentioned during our last update as well as bring forth new information, so that there are no confusions:

The first being the late issuance and receipt of Kickstarter funds to our bank (on June 21st); which in turn shifted the original milestones and completion targets forward. So as an example, our initial month range to begin shipping helmets changed FROM September through December; TO November through December.

What’s also now playing a big part in this shift is the massive chip shortages that have plagued a number of industries/company’s like Automotive & Big Tech/Kia & Apple; just to name a few (Ref: Forbes; WSJ; MAU; The WSP; CNN; etc.). What’s positive for ICH though is that we’ve built our system to be flexible in what components we choose to integrate and how we integrate them. So where some initial component lead times are extended by more than a few months, we’ve been able to pivot to other more readily available solutions to still get the job done; which is an even bigger testament to our team to not just accept what is. We made a commitment to get our helmets to market, and that’s what we’re going to do.

Now onto more positive news…

[General & What To Expect Next]

Our new partnership with Viaanix is still going very well, and honestly couldn’t have been a better partnership. They’ve gotten up to speed and dove in head first to address our needs and tasks/milestones. More evidence of this can be found in the hardware and software sections below.

If you haven’t completed our post campaign survey to provide our team with your helmet size, color, shipping address, and more; please visit the following link to do so:  As a reminder for clarification, this survey is only for v1.0 of your iC-R model. Your free v2.0 will come with its own survey as we get closer to shipping those out at a future release date.

Current Project Updates


Our helmet design is now complete! We are submitting the final CAD to our helmet manufacturer this week for final review, any last change recommendations to ensure certifications are met, and receive final signoff. Once the final sign off has been received, then we’ll move to tooling and manufacturing of our initial test and alpha/beta units to submit for certifications; as well as testing. The certification process takes roughly 4-6 weeks to complete.

In addition, some things that we were able to finalize for this update from a design perspective are:

  • Visor lock integration 
  • We were able to improve our helmets design significantly by changing to a different proximity sensor, as well as where those sensors would be placed. Below you can see a comparison of the old and the new. 
  • We possibly have a few really cool updates coming regarding our visor and some things that we’re doing to really change the game in this area. We will have more information on this in our next update. Please note that the reference to updates to our visor are not things that will stop us from moving forward with certifications.


We’ve stated the critical points regarding manufacturing and production above

In addition and to offset the unexpected delays due to chip shortages and funding issuance from Kickstarter, we are introducing an Alpha testing phase that will begin prior to our beta testing phase. Our plan for the Alpha testing phase is to allow our backers who are within riding distance (how far is completely up to you) of either our home base in Springfield Virginia, or our development team in Wichita Kansas to ride up or down and participate in this initial controlled environment testing phase. This will provide even earlier access to our helmets and our product development, but even more so to further show proof to our supporters that we are doing exactly what we said we’re going to do. You can now sign up to this Alpha testing phase using the following link:

We will release additional information regarding our Beta testing phase and the helmets that we will ship out to other backers who are further away in the US, as well as much further away outside of the US.


We’ve remained diligent in our refinement and overall software cohesive development push, to get things completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Further proof of this is with our recent achievement around our most critical feature, which is our dual rear view camera stitched field of view. Our target rear field of view was 240°, but we’ve actually managed to achieve 270° in a real time seamless stitch. Check out the submission from our development team using a test rig that they built to exactly mirror our helmets design rear camera placement, separation, horizontal angle, and vertical tilt below!

Please note that this is not the final version, and our team is still fine tuning the final output; to include an improved frame rate (60FPS), reduced fisheye curvature near the edges, and auto leveling of the feed itself. In this sample, you will notice some ghosting and fisheye curves. In the final output, vehicles/objects that are within 20-30ft will show clear (no ghosting affect) and the fisheye will be drastically reduced.


We were recently made aware of a particular website that has copied all of our posted information and has posted our “product” for sale. This is a fake website of course and the only current sales channel for our product is via Indiegogo at the following link:

Thanks again for all your continued support. We will have a lot more updates coming over the next 30-60 days, so stay tuned! Please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you.

-Team ICH

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