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iC-R Post Campaign: Update 4

Hi Backers!

We hope all are well, safe, and in good health along with your families and friends.  Again, we want to continue to reiterate the following important things each update, which are still key to how ICH is able to execute on our path to delivery. With that:

  • Our current delivery schedule has shifted to February 2022 based on Kickstarter funding release, other issues noted throughout this update; as well as the fact that we’re approaching the holiday season when manufacturing/production labor is also affected. With current plans in place, we do not foresee development completion going beyond February and helmets beginning to ship out. 
  • What continues to also play a huge part in this shift is the massive chip and raw material shortages that continue to plague a number of industries/company’s like Automotive & Big Tech/Kia & Apple; just to name a few (Ref: ForbesWSJMAUThe WSPCNN; etc.). ICH has made good strides and we’ve been able to pivot to other more readily available solutions for MOST components to still get the job done; which is an even bigger testament to our team to not just accept what is. We made a commitment to get our helmets to market, and that’s what we’re going to do.


[General & What To Expect Next]

  • Our partner Viaanix is still pushing, making progress, and getting things done. They’ve made additional progress surrounding the different software components of our companion app. We continue to do more than just chip away at the remaining portions of development. Find out more in the additional sections below!

Current Project Updates


We are in the last 2 weeks of updates to our helmets design based on the final recommendations from our helmet manufacturer; which again are required to ensure certifications are met. In a little more detail:

  • The rear shell attachment and associated hardware mounting parts have been completed
  • The EPS liner has been finished (see ref image below) and we’re working on getting the updated version produced for our Alpha testing phase in the coming weeks
  • All that remains are the final compliance changes and the updates to the front shell attachment area for our action camera

After final sign off, next is tooling and manufacturing of our initial beta units to submit for certifications; as well as testing. The certification process takes roughly 4-6 weeks to complete.


We have a handful of components that are tied to the completion of our custom carrier board and are still unfortunately looped into the persistent supply chain/chip shortage issues; which continue to plague the tech industry. Our team has an upcoming meeting to try and nail down alternative solutions for these components in an effort to not hit any further delaysAgain, this is not an ICH thing; this is a global issue and we appreciate everyone’s continued patience and understanding. We will reach the necessary solutions to this particular problem.


We continue to remain diligent in our refinement and overall software cohesive development push, to get things completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ve seen some additional proof of this in the compiled video above, but you will see even more significant progress in Update #5 as we bring larger portions of development to a close.


Again, due to the above stated critical points regarding manufacturing and production; to offset the delays we’re continuing with the introduction of our:

  •  Alpha testing phase; slated for middle to end of November (to reiterate, the Alpha testing phase is to allow our backers who are within riding distance (how far is completely up to you) of either our home base in Springfield Virginia; or our development team in Wichita Kansas to ride up or down and participate in this initial controlled environment testing phase. This will provide even earlier access to our helmets and our product development, but even more so to further show proof to our supporters that we are doing exactly what we said we’re going to do. You can still sign up to this Alpha testing phase using the following link: 

(Note that the limit for this signup is 15 with 5 of this total number being alternates)

  •  Beta testing phase; slated for December through January (We will release additional information regarding our Beta testing phase and the helmets that we will ship out to other backers who are further away in the US, as well as much further away outside of the US.)


More and more SCAM websites have popped up since our last update that have copied all of our posted information and have posted our “product” for sale. As a reminder, these are fake websites of course and the only current sales channel for our product is via Indiegogo at the following link:

To end on a positive…in other more exciting news, the CEO and other members of the leadership team recently had a successful visit to our partner facility Viaanix in Wichita Kansas. Successful by way of securing a large investment and strategic partner as well. We toured this investor around the facility, showed them the development, and met with the dev team as well. Their belief along with yours is a testament to the hard work that our team continues to put in and the path that we are on. 

Thanks again for all your continued support. October has been a significant milestone for ICH, and November through January will be even greater with our Alpha & Beta testing phases; so stay tuned! As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you.

-Team ICH

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