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iC-R Post Campaign: Update 7

Hi Backers!

We hope and trust that everyone is well and is having a good start to their new year! Instead of leading off with our usual reiteration, we’re going to jump right in with our updates.

[Alpha, Beta, Manufacturing & Production]

Our current delivery schedule has shifted from late February 2022 to mid April due to an unforeseen delay in our Alpha testing phase; which has a ripple affect of course on everything thereafter. The delay is due to a DHL shipping hold on our Alpha build helmets in China, due to rising COVID-19 cases in the area and country. For a timeline:

  • Our finished shells and EPS liners were shipped out from Slovenia on 01/07
  • They reached Hong Kong on 01/09
  • They reached Shenzhen on 01/10, and were due to be released from customs and delivered the same day.
  • Our shipment was placed on hold as of 01/11. Both my team and our manufacturing partner tried to push DHL from that day, but unfortunately it was a government related COVID-19 shutdown.
  • The next clearance event to push the shipment through didn’t occur until 01/20. To date our shipment is still with DHL and scheduled to be released to our manufacturer on/by 02/11.

On a more brighter and positive note, our manufacturer has already completed 98% of what we needed them to do; which was to produce our: visor, visor mechanical parts, front and rear shell attachments and associated mechanical parts for our 3 Alpha build helmets (seen in image below).

Alpha Build Completed Parts
Fidlock Straps & Buckles Delivered & Ready for Installation
Finished Carbon Fiber Alpha Build Shells & EPS Liners

The last 2% that remain are to produce our custom inner cushion liners and to install all the parts, which they need our helmets physically in hand to complete. So with that and anticipating all goes as planned with shipping:

  • Our Alpha helmets will be finished and shipped out by our manufacturer by 02/17
  • Delivery to our dev team in Kansas by 02/22
  • Hardware installation and pre-Alpha testing 02/22-02/25
  • Alpha testing slated to begin on Saturday 02/26


Our manufacturing team is scheduled to make their final sign off on or before 02/23. Directly after is tooling and manufacturing of our initial sample and beta units to submit for certifications; as well as testing. The certification process again takes roughly 2-6 weeks to complete. We’ve adjusted to this improved time frame as with internal discussions to begin shipping as soon as DOT is approved; DOT certification completion is 1-2 weeks, which is a better U.S. production and delivery timeline.

Lastly, our design team will begin working on our custom packaging as well as our custom helmet wrap options we will be offering; in the next 1-2 weeks. We will have Basic, Artistic, and Bold designs to offer. In addition to that, we will also be offering a design for our U.S. Armed Forces! We’re working on offering user generated designs in the future as well, but more to come on that later. In the meantime we’ve opened a survey surrounding feedback on finishes and custom wraps that all our backers and fans can participate in, which was created to gain more feedback on what it is that YOU want. You can access the survey at this link:


As mentioned in previous posts, ICH has made good strides and we’ve been able to pivot to other more readily available solutions for MOST of our components to still get the job done. We have 2 remaining components to improve and we’re done, which are set to be finalized around 02/21.


As always, we continue to remain diligent in our refinement and overall software cohesive development push, to get things completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our development Sprints below are underway in the following order, with new dates based on the above noted issues and our team looking to fit more in based on having a little more time now:

  • Alpha Build: ~02/2022
  • Beta Build: ~03/2022
  • iC-R v1.0 Production Release: ~04/2022

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

In conjunction with the above updates, as a reminder you can still sign up to our Alpha testing phase using the following link: (Note that the limit for this signup is 15 with 5 of this total number being alternates).

To reiterate, the Alpha testing phase is to allow our backers who are within riding distance (how far is completely up to you) of either our home base in Springfield Virginia or our development team in Wichita Kansas, to ride up or down and participate in this initial controlled environment testing phase.

This will provide even earlier access to our helmets and our product development, but even more so to further show proof to our supporters that we are doing exactly what we said we’re going to do.

Beta testing phase; now slated for early through mid/late March (We will release additional information regarding our Beta testing phase and the helmets that we will ship out to our other backers who are further away in the US, as well as much further away outside of the US.)

With that, we leave you with a video compilation of our manufacturing partners facility where our helmets are being manufactured. Enjoy 🙂 


More and more SCAM websites continue to pop up since our last update that have copied all of our posted information and have posted our “product” for sale. As a reminder, these are fake websites of course and the only current sales channel by which to purchase one of our helmets is via Indiegogo at the following link:

Thank you for your continued support and patience. As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe as COVID-19 continues to affect all of us individually and collectively.

-Team ICH

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