You are currently viewing iC-R Post Campaign – Update 9a.

iC-R Post Campaign – Update 9a.

Hi Backers!

As always, we  hope that everyone (including your family and friends) is feeling well and safe. Ok, let’s get right to it. 

Disclaimer: this update is not entirely what we had hoped to put out today as it contains some initial not so good news which pertain to things beyond our control as a company, all things considered; we feel that the good outweighs the bad. With that:

[Alpha, Beta, Manufacturing & Production]

The Not So Good News

  • In anticipation of receiving our finished Alpha helmets so that we can begin HW integration and SW testing, upon receipt of the package; the 3D printed parts of our Alpha helmets were damaged in transit from China to our dev team in the U.S (see photos below). In our manufacturers push to get things finished and shipped out, one of their workers who doesn’t normally package things was left to package our helmets up and did not package them correctly at all. Naturally though this kind of thing affects the overall schedule; especially when other things are dependent on the first thing being completed; such as: tooling, T1 production for Beta & helmet certifications, and fulfillment.
Alpha Helmet Damage
  • Alpha Testing: In addition to the above, the weather has been very unpredictable over the last few weeks and less favorable both locally here in VA as well as in Wichita Kansas. Our new Alpha testing target is in the next 2 weeks.
  • T1 Sample Production for Beta Testing & Certifications: Now contrary to our previous updates, pertinent schedules have all shifted out to the following: early July (Beta Testing & Certifications) and early August (Shipping & Order Fulfillment). A full updated schedule/roadmap can be found below. Now…

The GOOD News

Alpha Testing Deep Dive: We’ve fast tracked the replacement parts with a local 3D printing vendor here in the states, and those parts were completed as of Friday. They will ship out to our dev team tomorrow; Next Day Air for swift install, HW integration, and testing in the lead up to our newly anticipated Alpha Testing event.

We now have a ton of things functional within our Alpha build from a HW/SW perspective. We hoped to share more of this today, but based on the above, we weren’t able to. To give everyone (those participating and those who aren’t able to) insight into all of those functional things and what you will see in our Alpha build, we’ve compiled a list of our functionalities; such as the following full always-on-active-listening (no wake word) voice activation controlled features:

Dual Rear-View Cameras

  • Continuous recording with overwrite capability, and allow rider to decide what to save

Single Front Action Camera

  • LIVE streaming to YouTube (more LIVE streaming services to be integrated during the Beta development phase) 

Proximity Sensors

  • Sound alert notifications (visual HUD alerts to be integrated during the Beta development phase) 

Heads-up Display (HUD)

  • Display rear view camera feed (HUD interface to be developed and finalized during the Beta development phase) 

Voice Functional Commands: 

  • Battery status
  • Battery temperature
  • What time is it?
  • Call…
  • Navigate to…
  • Record my ride
  • 4k at 60 front
  • 4k at 30 front
  • 2k at 60 front
  • 2k at 30 front
  • Start live stream
  • Capture photo (Note: captures photo from front camera only)
  • Play my Spotify playlist…
  • Safety mode (system has rear cameras, proximity sensors, ESAS enabled)
  • Sport mode (system disables rear cameras, proximity sensors, and HUD)
  • The police stopped me (Note that with this command the front and rear camera system continues to record video, but also records audio automatically; if not already active by record my ride command)
  • Volume 25 percent
  • Volume 50 percent
  • Volume 75 percent
  • Volume 100 percent
  • Join chat channel…
  • Drop from chat channel…

Rider to Rider Communications

  • Connects to 20+ riders


  • Navigation is through the riders cell phone, but directions are displayed via the HUD

Mobile App

  • Chat section shows rider contacts who are online/active to connect with
  • Chat section has actual end-to-end encrypted text chat with individual or group; vs using the riders phone text messaging application

In the lead up to our initial Alpha testing phase for our line of smart motorcycle helmets, we wanted to allow all who are able to (Android users only currently; sorry iOS); to participate in our LIVE Rider-to-Rider Comms event. This will give you early access to test and experience the effectiveness of our comms. 

Please select from one of the available time slots. We will select a time slot that works for most, based on this forms user feedback. Once that date and time have been selected, we will send out an email confirmation which will include our current Android APK for you to download (supporting Android 12 and below).

On the day of the event (04/10/2022), everyone will receive a second email with the R2R Comms channel ID to join. From there,  everyone can test the functionalities of the app while having a second LIVE Q&A with our company CEO! The link to signup is as follows:

As a follow-up to our last update, our design team has finished our preliminary custom helmet wrap options. We look to you now for your feedback on which designs you like best in each category, so we can narrow these down to 2-3 per category and build from there in the future. As a reminder we will have Basic, Artistic, Bold, and Bold designs to offer. In addition to that, we are also offering designs for our U.S. Armed Forces! We’re working on offering user generated designs in the future as well, but more to come on that later. Use the following link to vote on your favorite designs below: 

Basic Options
Artistic Options
Bold Options
Patriot Options

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

In conjunction with the above updates, as a reminder you can still sign up to our Alpha testing phase, which will be in VA only; using the following link:

 (Note that the limit for this signup is 15 with 5 of this total number being alternates. Signup closes on 04/15)

This will provide even earlier access to our helmets and our product development, but even more so to further show proof to our supporters that we are doing exactly what we said we’re going to do.


As a final reminder, SCAM websites continue to pop up and the only current sales channel by which to purchase one of our helmets is via Indiegogo at the following link:

Thank you for your continued support and patience. Note that we plan to release 2 additional updates this month (9b. & 9c.). As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH

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