You are currently viewing iC-R Post Campaign – Update 9b.

iC-R Post Campaign – Update 9b.

Hi Backers!

As always, we  hope that everyone (including your family and friends) is feeling well and safe. Ok, let’s get down to it.

Disclaimer: this update is titled 9b. as it is still a slight continuation from last month’s post, being that it is still a small, yet pivotal update. The next update (Update 10) is scheduled to be a much larger and full update. With that:

[Alpha, Beta, Manufacturing & Production]


As of today, ALL hardware is 99% finalized. The only thing left to be confirmed is whether or not we integrate a monocular or a binocular heads up display. This will be confirmed and finalized by YOU during our Alpha and Beta testing phases forthcoming.

iC-R Monocular HUD Module

We currently have most of the hardware for order fulfillment in house, with the rest either in production or entering production within the next 2-3 weeks. 

Our initial prototype production of our custom carrier board is slated to begin in the next 2 weeks; which is scheduled to run through a rapid prototyping process and be back in our teams hands ~1.5 weeks from start date. Once we have our custom carrier boards in hand, test, and verify functionality; we can then begin our Alpha Testing phase. We are currently targeting late June for Alpha Testing to begin, based on the above information.

iC-R Custom Carrier Board & Heatsink CAD Models


Software is moving moving moving, even with the bump in the road we experienced with the external development support team that we brought on board to help speed things up; which we mentioned in Update 8 back on 02/27. Though they were able to assist with some things (largely with Voice Commands and Ai), the execution in its entirety was not where it needed to be. We are in the process of bringing on different support to pick up the slack and help improve the overall speed of the rest of the software development. This has not stopped progress regarding software development; just another hurdle we had to get over.

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

Our helmet design has been confirmed to be 100% DFM ready by our manufacturer. We’ve had a number of design meetings and updates, to ensure that everything is covered prior to taking the next steps; which are:

  1. Final Prototypes to confirm form/fit/function (scheduled to start by the middle of this coming week)
  2. Tooling (scheduled to begin in the next 3-4 weeks)
  3. Beta & certification helmet production (scheduled to begin in the next 5-6 weeks)
  4. Internal pre-certification testing (scheduled to begin in the next 6-8 weeks)
  5. Actual certifications (scheduled to begin in the next 6-8 weeks)
  6. Fulfillment+ Production (currently on schedule and slated to begin in the next 7-8 weeks)

[Full Schedule Reminder]


Thank you for your continued support and patience. As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH

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