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Intelligent Cranium Helmets: 100 Percent Transparency

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Dear Fans,

We regretfully inform you that we will not be able to meet our intended goal of shipping out our line of iC-R helmets by the end of 2018.  This is not as a result of what some have thought to be “the old Skully; version 2.0”, but the complete opposite and couldn’t be further from the truth.

Since our inception we’ve done just about everything possible to bring this vision to light and into the hands of riders everywhere, in order to improve safety and help save lives.  We’ve:

  1. Run a crowdfunding campaign; which we fell short of as it just happened to be in the wake of numerous production schedule slips and backlash from and towards our main competitor
  2. Run smaller pilot funding campaigns to assist with development and get ICH a little closer to something tangible
  3. Issued countless investment emails & calls, and pitched our product solution to a myriad of investors
  4. Put in a significant amount of our own funding to also advance other portions of development

What you haven’t been aware of is that we’ve had to continue to persevere through:

  • Companies who state they can do ‘X’ in support of progress, but after a significant development investment; come to find out they can’t
  • Our intended solar panel supplier (which is a large/well established company who will remain unnamed for now; due to current legal) who you find out in the end have really low morals, and decided to file a frivolous counter lawsuit in order try & drown ICH (as the smaller startup company) in legal fees
  • The uphill battle that a lot of tech startup companies have to go through; which is securing the necessary investment to bring their product idea to fruition

We sincerely apologize for not being able to give you all what you’ve been patiently waiting for, and what some of you have placed investments towards.  We’d like to end this letter by stating that: through everything we are still here working on completing this project (though that may be hard to believe).  Future expectations also have to take a slight adjustment given how much time and effort has gone into this already, and given the current legal situation. We still hold true to our word that once we’re in a financial position to do so, we will issue refunds to those who still want them (with interest); even after we get to the finish line.

We appreciate the trust, patience, and most of all belief that our true fans have had in ICH since the beginning.  Our website is now LIVE again, and development updates are available for review and feedback. Please feel free to write us directly via email or our Facebook Messenger inbox should you have any additional questions.  Until next time…#RideSafe


The ICH Support Team