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Intelligent Cranium Helmets: Keeping You Updated

Hi ICH Fans,

Hope all is well with everyone and your families, and that everyone is practicing social distancing and staying safe. We wanted to touch on a few things, as the updates to follow will be visual progress photos and demonstration videos.

[Hardware]: This is pretty much solidified, but we will continue to refine where needed. Just as a brief recap, our HW consists of: HUD, Front Action Camera, Dual Rear Cameras, Main PCB supporting the NVIDIA Embedded based SOM, Dual Proximity Sensors, WiFi/BT Card, GPS Module, and 9 Axis IMU.

[Software]: We’re bringing software more and more up to speed and further along as our hardware. Over the next month you will see progress demonstrations for our: blind spot elimination, voice recognition and commands, navigation, and HUD in interface.

[Prototype]: Our carbon fiber helmet physical prototype is underway and is slated to be finished in the next few weeks. We are pushing, pushing, pushing in this area so that we can finish hardware integration and testing, and more importantly get to our safety certifications and beta testing. We are very excited to finally get to this stage.

What’s next?…

[Original Pre-order Supporters]: We’ve begun sending out invoices for the remaining balances due; which to be clear are not due until our helmets are ready to ship—we are pushing very hard for our initial small batch to go out as early as the end of August/September this year.

[Kickstarter Funding Push to Finish Line]: ICH will be making a strong crowdfunding push in the next month to get to the finish line. As a company and a team, we have overcome a number of obstacles since our inception; though we stayed the course and we hope that our true fans recognize this.
This product does not ship or hit the shelves without your support and other riders who might not be aware of ICH.

We understand that it has been a long road, but have also been open with our fans about the road traveled and the obstacles encountered along the journey. We also understand that other companies who have obtained more than the funding necessary to produce and hold up their end…haven’t. We look to you, our fans to put your support and trust behind ICH; a company and team that has remained dedicated and persevered to hold up our promise to deliver. Support us and we will always be here for you.

-Team ICH

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