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Intelligent Cranium Helmets: New Year… Big Things

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Happy 2019 ICH Fans,

2018 has come to a close, and though it did not end the way we all hoped; our previous efforts are bringing forth a brighter 2019.

The team here at ICH have really been working extra hard over the last year (in spite of some setbacks), on:

  • ICH as a company
  • Fine tuning our website on the back-end; getting it ready for the roll-out of new and useful tools
  • The iC-R and enhancing its core and features for maximum usability
  • Taking the necessary steps to pull all the right pieces together, and build the right relationships

To help bring forth that brighter 2019, we will be providing the updates that everyone has been waiting so patiently for.  Throughout the month of February we’ll be posting an update each week to help bring everyone up to speed and introduce a lot of new information.  Thereafter, here’s what you can expect and count on semi-monthly/monthly:

  • Our custom SOM & PCB (Info+Photos)
  • Rider to rider communication (Info+Photos+Videos)
  • Camera modules and FOV (Info+Photos+Videos)
  • Additions to the iC-R (Info+Photos)
  • The iC-R OS (Info+Videos)
  • Our Artificial Intelligence (Ai) (Info+Video)
  • Helmet design enhancements (Info+Photos)

and much more!

Content WILL BE CONSISTENT. So let’s kick things off with our first update: Critical adjustments to our team

We have actually hired a new team member who is now our new CTO, but first a bit of background on that.  In the course of the past 24 months, our progress has been slower than we really wanted it to be, but with the addition of this new team member; we’ve made some significant progress.  As a company some times you have to make those tough but needed decisions, and therefore we parted ways with our previous engineer/Program Manager after a period of time. We are happy to state that in the recent months after bringing on our CTO to fill the development role, we have watched him step in and hit the ground running.  In the past few months we have accomplished more than we have previously, and have decided it would be a good story to tell the community.  He has taken it upon himself to dive in quite fast and very deep.  In the beginning there were development conversations and the restructuring of a path for our future. So now we will show you a bit of what he’s been up to.

He actually went out and left his home in the Netherlands, and relocated temporarily to Vietnam, one of the most challenging places in the world to experience driving a motorbike, when he arrived he actually bought a motorbike.

As seen in its original form… a 2012 Yamaha Exciter 135, not a bad-looking bike for $1250.00 USD.

When he acquired it from its 3rd owner, there had already been some work done to it by previous owners; such as:

  • YCS 62MM Piston and Cylinder Kit
  • YCS Superhead
  • KOSO 34mm Carb
  • YCS Air Filter
  • CYT 6th Gear Kit
  • YKK Clutch
  • FAITO Camshaft
  • YCS Transmission Upgrade
  • FAITO Lite Tech Teflon Bearings
  • Red Plug Thailand CDI
  • LeoVince Full Exhaust System
  • BIKERS Adjustable Clutch and Brake Levers
  • UMA Racing Digital Speedometer

Now as you can see, it was a decent deal; however this is just where it began its new journey in the hands of our new CTO.  Within days it looked like this, stripped bare by a local bike shop.

Ready to begin its new life as owned by our new CTO, and we didn’t expect this as it was all out-of-pocket expenses on his part.  He explained he wanted to jump-start the year with innovation and excitement surrounding the iC-R and bike communicating with each other.  He had them tear this bike down and start from scratch on a makeover.  A few weeks later after a series of upgrades and modifications, he showed us this completely redone motorbike with the ICH company logos added.  Our CTO’s new Intelligent Cranium Helmets Yamaha Exciter 135.

The 62mm Yamaha Exciter Project was completed by Phat Phuc Racing, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for a fresh new look for 2019, sporting a 140/90 rear wheel, and fully loaded with performance parts and accessories including:

  • NSR Swing Arm & Wheel Conversion
  • Racing Line Exhaust System
  • UMA Racing LED Speedometer
  • Custom Paint Job & Decals
  • Yamaha Z125 Mirror Set
  • Custom Fabricated Carbon Fiber Racing Seat
  • Michelin Pilot Street Tire Set
  • AEM Brake Fluid Reservoir
  • Trusty CNC Oil Cap
  • Racing Boy Grips
  • Rizoma Bar Ends
  • CNC Front Sprocket Cover
  • Bangbon CNC Brake Hose Bracket
  • Trusty CNC Side Stand Cover & Spring
  • Protective Vinyl Wrap
  • Full Gold Trusty/Thai Screws
  • Trusty CNC Dust Caps
  • All the way down to the company logos on the new look and much more!

He has a ton of ideas with solid foundation that have already paid off for ICH since the start of 2019.  Stay tuned for next week’s post!