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Intelligent Cranium Helmets: What’s Next

Hi Backers/Fans,

Reconnecting with everyone briefly as we continue to do what we can with what we have, and also due to a number of reports from Kickstarter backers that some of them haven’t been receiving the update notifications. First as always, we hope everyone is safe and healthy. Second, if you haven’t seen the recent functional updates posted to our YouTube channel; head on over to check those videos out. Third, a few quick updates and reminder:


  • ICH has a pre-order sign-up available now as a build up to our campaign re-launch. Our internal targets are to obtain at least 100 pre-order commitments (as quickly as possible) prior to, and an in order for us to hit that re-launch button on our campaign. This first step is already up and running, and you can head on over to our website to get the process started. Again, to support this goal/milestone; we are starting off with the BOGO deal!


  • As you can see from the image above, we’ve been making aesthetic updates to our mobile companion application since our last update; showing other functionalities.
  • We also now have your ‘record my ride’ front action camera video files auto saving to the server; which are both available for playback via the app, or download. We will show this app LIVE along with other functionalities in the next 2 weeks.

We continue to be consistent in the progression of our development, to further to show just how much we’re dedicated to bringing this product to market. We will AWLAYS continue to give you everything we’ve got, in this the final push…the final campaign.

Sign-up today via our website

Take this ride with us, and together we will get there…no man left behind.

-Team ICH

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