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More Than An Idea…It’s Becoming A Reality

Hi Fans!

We are back for another and promised update! We hope all is still well with everyone and your families, and that everyone continues to practice social distancing and staying safe. Hopefully everyone has watched the incredible and critical video update, showing our continued hard work and that this is an actual product in the making and not just words. Yes, there’s more where that came from coming soon. With that, we also wanted to provide a few more updates:

[Prototype]: Our carbon fiber helmet physical prototype is underway (as you can see) and is slated to be finished in the next few weeks. There were a few things we needed to work through, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

[Hardware]: We are still continuing to refine hardware where needed, and we will be providing additional updates on this in the near future.

[Software]: We’re still grinding it out and bringing software more and more up to speed and further along to match the progress of our hardware. Demonstration videos for our blind spot elimination & voice recognition and commands are up first.

[Original Pre-order Supporters]: As we stated in our last post, all of you should’ve received your invoices for your remaining balances due. Again; no payments are due until our helmets are ready to ship, so you can disregard any current due dates shown on your invoice—they will be updated.

[Kickstarter Funding Push to Finish Line]: We’re updating everyone that our plan to launch our Kickstarter in the middle/latter part of August was pushed back, but only by 1-2 weeks. Our current heads up display manufacturing partner is experiencing a few delays on the production side. ICH is positioned to get our campaign launched around the 1st/2nd week of September.

As a final reminder for everyone, this product does not ship or hit the shelves without: your support during this campaign, your social support in sharing our product and progress with your fellow riders; especially those who might not be aware of ICH. Again, we understand that other companies who have obtained more than the funding necessary to produce and hold up their end…haven’t. We look to you, our fans to put your support and trust behind ICH; a company and team that has remained dedicated and persevered to hold up our promise to deliver. Support us and we will always be here for you.

-Team ICH

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