Currently motorcycle riders (including a number of ICH team members) have a huge blind spot around them that has left them vulnerable and susceptible to life threatening accidents, however; ICH has solved this problem by integrating currently available technologies into a motorcycle helmet that alerts and allows the rider to see danger before it’s too late.  Since our inception we’ve had numerous think-tank sessions, revisions, and alterations within our design to ensure that we develop a product that will:

  • Be safe above all
  • Provide comfort that exceeds expectations
  • Give riders access to the most useful and best hands-free technology
  • Be revolutionary, yet affordable and adaptable

A Look Into Our Development

The Concept


Getting Technical

The ICH development team has been working really hard on what features should really be in this first edition of the iC-R.  We have been listening to fans since ICH began; from our: in-house custom rider questionnaire, to our social media pages, to emails, in person rider feedback from large motorcycle conventions, and more.  So our team went back to the table and looked at everything; such as:

  • The overall design
  • Comfort
  • Features: we simply broke a number of features down…
    • Heads-up display (HUD)
      • When does it become information overload?  Well we’ve stripped back what will actually be displayed on the HUD to the blind spot eliminated FOV, on-demand navigation, battery status, and system temperature.
      • Switching from a physical in-your-face display to a projection based display removes the concern and potential danger of what may happen in a head on collision.
    • The Shell – taking all of the hardware into consideration and the overall weight of the helmet, we’ve decided that an all carbon fiber helmet was the best option to start.
    • LED Warning Lights – these have been reduced from 3 on each side to just one on each side; giving the rider the option to disable the visual notification via the companion app and/or desktop application.

and much more, but you get the idea.

What We’ve Done & Where We Are

Recently returning from a site visit with our off-site development team, we discussed and confirmed a number of project related elements; such as:

  • A definitive U.S. helmet manufacturer to produce our carbon fiber shells
  • Confirmation that our production and assembly will be performed right here in the U.S.



The Future