iC-Rs Pre-order


iC-Rs Smart Motorcycle Helmet Pre-order


The iC-Rs is our premium model smart motorcycle helmet, packed with everything our base model has to offer and more; such as:

  • Heads-up display
  • Two Rear-view Cameras
  • LED Interior Warning Lights
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Emergency Services Alert System (ESAS)
  • 32GB On-Board Memory
  • Bluetooth+
  • Voice Activation
  • Front-view Action Camera
  • Auto Tinting Visor

By completing a pre-order of the iC-Rs, you will also be automatically entered into our raffle where we will select up to 20 riders to participate in our Beta Test program.  This raffle will be performed LIVE through our Facebook page.

NOTE: Pre-order price listed reflects total cost of selected iC-Rs model.  Only shipping costs will be due before your helmet is shipped.  This balance does not include any promotional discounts.  Apply any promotional coupons at checkout.  All funds received through your pre-order go directly towards finalizing development, getting us to production, and getting the iC-Rs into your hands.  Helmet size and color options available when the iC-Rs is ready to ship.

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