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Hi iC-R Fans,

So it’s been a little while since our last project update and a lot of it goes without saying, so we won’t go into all that again (you can catch up on all that by checking out our most recent Facebook page posts). Today is about #progress and moving forward. So let’s jump right in to the updates! In this post we will address all of the following:

  • iC-R Patent Status
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • iC-R Helmet Design
  • Where We Are
  • What to Expect In Coming Months

iC-R Patent Status

It’s official! On August 6, 2019 we received notice from our patent attorneys that our Utility Patent went from being awarded to actually issued! This is obviously great news for us as it is a testament to our diligence on the legal side to ensure that we took the necessary steps to protect our product and IP.


We’re pleased to announce that our hardware is about 75% complete! Taking on a development such as this with all the moving parts and ever changing hardware is a huge task. Through all of the internal and external issues, we’ve pressed forward and have made great strides to select and or develop the right hardware for our product. As a quick example, we initially went down the road of attempting to work with vendors of currently available Single Board Computers (SBC’s) and System on Chips (SoC’s) in effort to tweak their current designs to fit our use case. Those efforts wound up costing between $50k-$100k—no we didn’t pay for that. We actually went a different route and developed our own System on Module (SoM) and Carrier Board based of the RK3399, and cut our development costs by over 80%. The design of our system is set to be completed within the next 3-5 weeks.


So now on to one of the more touchier subjects. It’s no secret that:

  1. This has been one of our most critical portions of development
  2. We had a huge setback surrounding an issue with an internal team member, their departure, and the way in which they departed; but we digress

Just as with everything else, our CEO and the rest of the leadership team pulled together and made some strategic moves to ensure:

  • That we didn’t lose focus
  • That we made the right adjustments to continue to move forward towards our goal…in spite of the circumstances

With that being said, we have brought on additional support via verified network to continue the software development effort; which is going very well. We expect to start showing “fruits of this labor” in the coming weeks—so stay tuned!

iC-R Helmet Design

So as you can see, running a company is hard business. If you’ve been following ICH recently, you know that this too is a touchy subject and might have seen some of the design work we received from a company we contracted to turn our 3D helmet model into a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reality; well that didn’t happen and the result from them was a horrible and rushed CAD design.

We again regrouped and persevered to what you see today. Of course we are still a ways from being done, we’ve put forth a considerable amount of sweat equity and internal funding to get to this point; which is our own design being built from the ground up. We expect to have our first test model spun up so that we can do additional hardware integration, testing, and checking the overall fit of our components.

What you see here is our main shell with:

  • Vent cut-outs
  • Circular cut-out on the left side of the helmet for our physical button; which will be used as a fail-safe for any voice activation issues–we all know software gets buggy sometimes
  • Main cavity cut-out for where our one-piece shell attachment with embedded components will secure to

Where We Are

A long way from where we started is the best way to follow-up this statement. We’ve really hit a number of road bumps (not blocks) along this journey to getting this product finally completed and in your hands. We still have a lot of work to do and funding to raise (as the majority of what you see now has been with the use of personal funds, but we wanted to reassure everyone that:

  1. We value each and every one of you as fans; especially those that took that leap of faith with us in the very beginning and are still along for this journey to success/completion
  2. We have been and will always stay true to our word and goals we set out to accomplish
  3. Your support has not gone unnoticed, and we definitely still need it now and going forward; without you ICH ceases to exist

Stick with us and we will amaze!

Oh and one more thing, we’ve added an additional resource for everyone to use to follow our progress with our helmet design. Now under the Development menu on our website, you’ll see a sub-menu titled iCR 3D Model; which will allow everyone to see and play around with our current helmet design. Whenever there’s than update to the design, we will update this link so that you can continue to see what’s current! Give it a go!

Thanks for your continued support. Until next time…#RideSafe

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