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Still Going Strong (Early Project Updates)

Hi Backers/Fans!

We’re still going strong, and it’s all thanks to YOU! Though we haven’t reached our campaign end date just yet (still working with the Kickstarter team to improve this), we want to keep in touch with everyone as we’re constantly working in the background to move the needle forward where we can; to improve the overall timeline to production and delivery into your hands. With that, let’s get to a few updates:


  • We’re currently an ~3 weeks away from our helmets design being 100% Design for Manufacturing (DFM) ready. As mentioned, our helmet has been designed to meet/exceed our target safety certification standards, and our design team has been working hand in hand with our manufacturer to ensure that is upheld. Our CEO spoke directly with a SNELL rep a few months ago to verify certification requirements in conjunction with our HUD, and we’re good to go.


  • As mentioned above, we’re in constant contact with our helmet manufacturer. In recent meetings we discussed a number of things (to include but not limited to): Inner Soft Cushion Liner Material, Helmet Visor, and Helmet Color options. We are due to receive samples within the next 1-2 weeks and comb through those to make initial decisions. We received questions on other color options, finishes (gloss vs matte), and more; so we’re taking the necessary steps to address those now.


  • As with everything, we’re also having consistent internal team meetings on our software and overall features; specifically on how we can make things better and improve the overall experience. One inclusion we’re making that further plays to our safety, is we’re adding in additional voice command options—we’re adding in the option to control your helmets volume by simple pre-programmed voice commands. In our competitor products, this is a physical requirement. We believe in making our helmets and your experience TRULY SMART & HANDS-FREE. When you receive your helmet and User Guide, it will come with a full list of our pre-programmed voice commands so you can feel comfortable with and controlling your helmet while riding. 

In addition – we want to let everyone know that we are listening to your questions and feedback. We received one question from a fan and wanted to post that question and our reply here, as we’re sure everyone will want to know.

  •  Question from Brayan I: “You mention mesh would this be able to connect with the sena 50’s? If so how? Mesh isn’t offer on some so I want to see how they would connect? 
  •  Answer: “…yes; our helmets comms system will be able to pair with Sena and some other Bluetooth enabled intercom systems on the market (i.e, Cardo). To clarify one thing, in checking the Sena website again they have (2) 50 series; 50S and 50R—both of which have Mesh capability. 

In deeper detail on connectivity and the how:

– Connectivity happens almost in the same way as you would pair one of the Sena models to the Cardo models. The caveat in “almost” is that while they will connect, our connection method is better as you will be able to complete the pairing hands-free.

– One system has to be the master and bring the other system in. Think of it like a parent/child relationship.

– The current comms systems on the market today allow: (1) main/general connection between like devices and additional connection(s) to a mobile phone/device (in some cases two mobile devices at the same time)

After our campaign concludes and we’re able to get through the rest of/finalize things, we’ll be releasing additional videos showing all the functionality of our helmets; not to mention user feedback when we go through our Beta testing period.”


We feel it’s important to note for those who are still deciding on pre-ordering, that our helmet model pricing will increase significantly ONLY AFTER the current campaign ends; for example: our iC-Rs+ will go from the current price of $1350 to $1800. So now is the best time to pre-order. 

Stay tuned as we have much more in store for all riders. This is just the beginning.

-Team ICH

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