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Frequently Asked Questions

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Once funding is in place, you can expect shipments to go out as early as 03/2022

One 180 degree camera doesn’t provide a large enough field of view to “eliminate” the blind spot for riders.  ICH has seamlessly stitched together 2 camera feeds, which serves to eliminate the blind spot.  Blind spot elimination should be the main focus when any rider is considering purchasing a “smart helmet” that displays a rear field of view for safety reasons.

We’re currently offering 4 iC-R models for 2 main reasons:

  1. Affordability – we want everyone to experience the safety benefits of the iC-R, and not just those that can afford to pay the high end price tag
  2. Modular Design – by making the iC-R modular; it opens the door for reduced pricing, ease of service, and give riders options

Yes.  There will be a number of configurable options within the iC-R helmet, and the proximity alert system is one of them.  The audible alert will be enabled by default.

Yes.  Riders will have the option of enabling and adding emergency contacts for the ESAS system to alert in those critical moments.

We have big plans for the future in supporting any HW/SW issues. The great thing about our design is that the parts are easily serviced. For instance, if there are hardware issues, we can send out replacements for self installation—each helmet will come with a tool kit and we will have a number of tutorial videos to walk anyone through the process. Software issues will be able to be handled remotely, and we will have a dedicated support team for this.

You can imagine the effort and cost that goes into a product like this, so with that we must maintain a level of responsibility to you; as well as our team and company. We are initially offering a 14 day return on our helmets, if:

  • they come and are not functional
  • there are defects
  • your helmet is not as advertised

We only ask for a 1-2 week window to fix any software and/or hardware issues (which we don’t expect as our helmets will be tested thoroughly prior to shipment).

As a company, we hold strong to our values of essentially just doing good business. Once we meet (prayerfully exceed) our campaign funding goal, we will meet our initial production plans. Prior to launching we ironed everything surrounding production out so that we went into this campaign knowing that we would succeed upon successful funding. If we don’t raise enough funds to proceed, then all funds raised will be returned to our backers; without question. We’re here for the long haul.

As Veterans ourselves, we take our verification process seriously. To that point, we want to make sure that anyone claiming this discount option is in fact a veteran. We work with the Service Member Civil Relief Act team, and submit the necessary (yet unobtrusive) information they require in order to verify military status. You can review our custom Military Service Verification Questionnaire (MSVQ) form here: https://www.ichelmets.com/my_media/2020/08/ICH-MSVQ.pdf

Our helmets have not gone through the safety certification testing yet, but our helmets design has been strictly designed around meeting the requirements for DOT, SNELL, and ECE. Once we reach our funding goal, our next steps are producing our alpha & beta helmets, certification testing/passing, and then public beta testing.

Our helmets can currently be charged via the DC barrel port on the back of the helmet. We are actively exploring other more useful and universal charging methods like USB-C.

We don’t recommend doing so due to power requirements and having a cable tethered to the bike in the event of an accident

6-8+ hours on a single charge

This depends on your model chosen, as well as desired resolution & a number of other factors; as each model comes with a different size storage, but also has an expansion slot. The mid level model (iC-Rs) comes with 128GB of storage, and the top of the line model (iC-Rs+) comes with 256GB of storage. You’ll have enough space to record ~6+ hours; which is more than enough for riding.

We had to temporarily remove the solar panel for legal reasons, but we will be reintroducing the solar panel some time after we get past initial production. The great thing about our plan to integrate, is that anyone with a helmet won’t have to purchase a new helmet to benefit from the solar panel. They will be able to swap out the original rear attachment for the new one. Those who have supported us from the beginning will get this upgrade free of charge once we integrate it.

Actually no. In a side by side comparison with other helmets, our visor has a standard opening. See the example side by side image here: https://www.ichelmets.com/my_media/2020/12/20201208_175628-scaled.jpg

This is common in a number of higher end helmets, and again is meant to direct more air flow to the back cooling off more of your head. With that, what we thought was a better idea was to do something similar to what Bell did with their Race Star Flex DLX helmet; which is provide that air vent with the option to open and close it. The Bell Race Star Flex helmet model also has a neck roll and allows the rear vent to be closed to control air flow direction. 

You will be able to make similar tuning adjustments as a lot are already used to doing with something like a GoPro. We are offering a high end product.

The rear camera feed will be auto recording at all times, stop at a set length, and then auto start recording again. This is so that riders will have rear footage proof in the event of an accident/someone rear-ending them. You will have the option to remove those files at the end of the day.

You won’t be able to toggle commands on/off, but we are constantly looking to build our command list and functionality; so any commands/functions you feel might also be useful—we welcome those. However; we will have commands to automatically disable certain helmet functions if desired. For instance, we are working on our command “Sport Mode”; which will disable the proximity sensors if you’re looking to do something like really increase your ride speed where you will be passing a lot of cars rather quickly—this is so that the proximity alert doesn’t become annoying. You can then turn the sensors back on by saying “Safe Mode”.

At the present time, with our all carbon fiber shell and all hardware in our current weight is 2.65lbs/1202.02 grams. This weight will increase a little as the front and rear shell attachments on our prototype are plastic. So our helmet (with the hardware) will still be one of the lightest on the market)

Yes the production version of our helmets will have removable padding. What you’re looking at today is our full carbon fiber prototype, that we primarily produced to integrate hardware and test software in order to further refine our helmet as we lead up to production.

We’re sorry you would like to submit a refund request. To do so please:

  1. Click the following link to review our company’s notice regarding refunds: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nSWsmbtSQZgtKHWIfRBf5jlmm24gpNUvQXkHKvbSrrE/edit?usp=drivesdk
  2. Send an official refund request email to finance@ichelmets.com with your: Name, Order Number, and Reason for your refund request.

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