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One 180 degree camera doesn’t provide a large enough field of view to “eliminate” the blind spot for riders.  ICH has seamlessly stitched together 2 camera feeds, which serves to eliminate the blind spot.  Blind spot elimination should be the main focus when any rider is considering purchasing a “smart helmet” that displays a rear field of view for safety reasons.

We’re offering 3 iC-R models for 2 main reasons:

  1. Affordability – we want everyone to experience the safety benefits of the iC-R, and not just those that can afford to pay the high end price tag
  2. Modular Design – by making the iC-R modular; it opens the door for reduced pricing, ease of service, and give riders options

Yes.  There will be a number of configurable options within the iC-R helmet, and the proximity alert system is one of them.  The audible alert will be enabled by default.

Yes.  Riders will have the option of enabling and adding emergency contacts for the ESAS system to alert in those critical moments.

The iC-R is still undergoing a rigorous development and testing process to ensure the best product is released.  Our current target release is Q2 of 2019.  Get more context HERE.

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