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The Road to Production

Hi Fans!

Yes we’re back with another update…keeping it consistent as promised.  Hopefully everyone is safe.  Let’s get right into it:


Our carbon fiber helmet physical prototype is DONE!  We had a few hiccups during the completion of this prototype (which we’ll expound on later), but we got it finished.  Let us know how you like it!


As we mentioned before, there are certain HW components that we are still continuing to refine; in this case it’s our rear cameras because we are providing riders with an incredible 240 rear FOV.  The refinement here is a slight customization to adapt our camera modules:

  • Default resolution to 1920×1080 to match our HUD
  • MIPI connection to allow increased FPS from 30 to 60

In addition:

  • Our rear awareness LED PCB initial samples are currently in production and are due to be in hand late next week.
  • Due to manufacturing delays with our intended HUD partner, we’ve switched to working with a different manufacturer.  The newly selected HUD has a: higher resolution, greater FOV (increasing from 24 degrees to 40 degrees), direct line of sight configuration vs causing you to look up at the display


We’re still grinding it out as also mentioned in our previous post, but we have made really good progress since our last post.  We’ve created a mockup (provided as .GIF below which changes frames every 3-5 seconds) of our HUD UI to get your thoughts on the design, information displayed, and also your feedback on what things are important to you so that we can consider incorporation.  Do keep in mind, from a safety standpoint the goal is to greatly limit distractions; so even what is shown today will be dialed back even further.  A demonstration video for our blind spot elimination and helmet walkthrough will be up first.  Software is always “the longer pole in the tent”, and will continue to be worked on and improved through production and before shipment.

[Original Pre-order Supporters]

As we stated in our last post, all of you should’ve received your invoices for your remaining balances due.  Again; no payments are currently due until our helmets are ready to ship, so you can disregard any current due dates shown on your invoice.

[Kickstarter Funding Push to Finish Line]

As a continuation from our last post and our update regarding our prototype above, our plan to launch our Kickstarter in the middle/latter part of August had to be pushed back until:

  • Our official prototype physical build was completed in order for us to integrate our HW and show a functional prototype to the Kickstarter team.  Without this, we wouldn’t be able to offer the iC-R lineup as an official Perk for pre-order.
  • The professional video shoot is completed; which will be finished this coming Friday!

Our official Kickstarter launch date is October 22nd, but for your awareness, we are targeting October 15th.  The campaign will run for 30 days and subsequently; this shifts full helmet completion, manufacturing & assembly targets out slightly.  We have a phased delivery plan; starting first with our original pre-order supporters around December 2020, and Kickstarter backers around February/March 2021.

[iC-R Lineup]

Our last big surprise is that we’re introducing a 4th iC-R model; dubbed the iC-Re (Rider Economy edition).  As with everything else; we’re doing things differently than others and understand that not everyone has the resources to purchase our top of the line model.  This model will not come with any cameras or HUD, but as with all other models; the parts can be individually purchased directly from our website and added as personal resources become available.

As a final reminder for everyone, this product does not ship or hit the shelves without:

  • your support during this campaign
  • your social support in sharing our product and progress with your fellow riders; especially those who might not be aware of ICH.

Again, we understand that other companies who have obtained more than the funding necessary to produce and hold up their end…haven’t.  We look to you, our fans to put your support and trust behind ICH; a company and team that has remained dedicated and persevered to hold up our promise to deliver.  Support us and we will always be here for you.

-Team ICH

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