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We Did It! Thank You All!

Hi Backers!

First and foremost, THANK YOU! We really could not have done this without you ALL. We will not let you down. Without further ado, let’s get to the updates and what everyone can expect next:

[General & What To Expect Next]

  • Our leadership team flew back in this past Saturday from solidifying a partnership with our engineering firm (Viaanix) who will be pushing the rest of our development through completion, and delivery of your iC-R model into your hands. This team has years and years of experience that will show in the final product.
  • In terms of updates, it’s critical that we set the expectation up front so we’re all on the same page. Everyone can expect timely updates as frequent as every 2-4 weeks—throwing in sporadic updates here and there where suitable. The real work has already begun.
  • By the end of the week, everyone will have a survey in their inboxes to cover critical particulars such as confirmations on: helmet size & color, shipping address (please keep our team up to date so that your helmet doesn’t get shipped to the wrong location), email addresses, etc.
  • Phase 1 & 2 Beta Testing: we’ve received a number of requests to beta test. Of course we’d like to let everyone do so, but in order to meet our timelines/milestones it’s not realistic. So we’re breaking this into two phases. Phase 1 Beta testing will happen locally in 1-2 locations; which we’re solidifying over the coming weeks. The initial plan is to allow those backers who are within riding distance to visit the team and be able to participate, so those who fall into this initial category; keep an eye on your inboxes. For Phase 2 Beta testing we will look to obtain feedback from backers in other parts of the world and climates; which is also critical. We will release more information on this as we get closer.
  • By request, we’ve extended our pre-ordering to Indiegogo which is now LIVE. Note that the price increase we’ve mentioned in previous posts is now applicable. To stay true to our backers who helped us reach our goal, the Kickstarter offers WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE on Indiegogo. Please also note that Kickstarter backer shipments ARE NOT reliant on additional orders via Indiegogo. Kickstarter helmets will proceed as planned. See the end of this update for more details.

Current Project Updates


We’re closing in on our helmet design being 100% Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and ready, and the next step which is certification testing and approvals. In case you missed the update before last, we’ve made a few design enhancements & improvements; such as:

  • Integrating a visor locking system to ensure a proper seal is kept while you ride
  • We’re exploring changes to the proximity alert feature; which would enhance and further lighten the already light load of hardware within your helmets. This is a small change, but one with a big positive impact—nothing that will negatively affect the delivery timeline.
  • Integrating a Rear Air Control button to control the air flow in the rear of the helmet. When open it allows the air to escape out the back of the helmet, and when closed it forces the air down the back side of your head for more cooling.


Samples of some available Inner Soft Cushion Liner Materials and Helmet Visors have been received and reviewed already. We’re finalizing the top 3 selection for initial beta helmet testing; where we’ll look to you for your solid feedback in order to further shape YOUR helmet. We really are paying very close attention to the makeup, physical safety, and comfort of our helmets; not just on the technology. You can expect a premium helmet to arrive at your doorstep.


With the new partnership, we’re pushing refinement and an overall software cohesive development as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will have a lot of updates coming over the next couple of months, so GET READY!

Thanks again for all your continued support. Please message us with any questions—we’re here for you.

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-Team ICH

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