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We Hit Our Target Funding Goal!!!

Hey Backers/Fans,

We did it! With your support and trust we finally hit our target funding goal in just under 72 hours! We can’t thank all who have supported us enough; this means a lot to our team. NOW, we get to work on the execution of our plan and schedule (typically there’s a 14 day period from the close of the campaign, but we are working with the Kickstarter team on availability of initial funds so we can get to work).

Pre-orders are still open, but the BOGO deal ended at 10AM EST on 04/26.

Let’s keep pushing for and see if we can’t hit our stretch goals:

  •  $500k – and we can produce our custom protective liner that will further increase the safety of our helmets and your craniums. This liner would be a replacement for the typical EPS liner, help mitigate things such as angular acceleration in crashes, and last longer due to its makeup. We had an internal discussion and will also throw in the Custom iC-R Helmet Wraps/Designs. That means no need for painting your helmet…just wrap it! 

Again, we thank you all for your support! We won’t let you down, so as soon as we have access to funds raised; get ready for the real magic and progress to happen! More to come!!!

-Team ICH

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