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We Will!…And We Already Did!

We WILL…. ! and We already did…!

Utilizing our custom designed integrated hardware, the system arrives with an up to date kernel. The system is powered by a ARM Cortex-A7 Octa-Core CPU with 2GB usable RAM and a Power GPU. It has 32GB eMMC storage. For connectivity, there are a plethora of wired and wireless options at your disposal. For wireless needs, the system rocks 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode BLE all with the built-in antenna.

The development board also adds a MicroSD slot for more storage, an Ethernet port, USB connectors, and more.

In today’s environment, we can’t forget about security. The board also comes with a Crypto Secure Element for storing cryptographic keys, unique IDs, and supports the creation of FIPS random numbers. This means all your data and communications is encrypted. The HUD design is a retractable slider so we can conform to the dual screen design, and provide a photochromic capable front face shield

After weeks of going through hardware and components, our new CTO has convinced us that we need to take the most innovative and logical path, and designing the hardware on our own. The future of ICH’s design. We have decided cut through the bureaucracy and red tape and exhorbitant capital expenditures, and time consumed by other hardware vendors trying to pitch us products and over charge us for R&D. We have designed a modular system, that has long term upgradabilities. We designed it, so other future addon systems and accessories can be integrated. We dont want our consumer base to buy something, and then make it obsolete, forcing them to buy something new. We have to be innovative.

We have now cut our costs overall and pass these same savings on to the customer. We don’t want clumsy and inconvenience. We will streamline integration of all systems with a voice control system that listens. We won’t weigh you down, or interfere in your visual sight of the road. We won’t make you look away and take your eyes off the road. We will be balanced and comfortable, and design the overall aesthetics to accommodate the user experience so riders may enjoy the ride and not have to wrestle with a system that is heavy, unbalanced, and cumbersome. We aim for comfort.